The Primordial Ruin

by Sentinel

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released July 3, 2015

All music and lyrics written by Sentinel.

Guest vocals on The Terrible Lie - Chris Millward from Glorified
Guest vocals on Nadir - Mark Poida from Aversions Crown
Guest vocals on The Primordial Ruin - Mason Bunt from Pridelands

Recorded and engineered by Aaron Beale at Parallel Recordings:

Mixed and mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings:

Artwork by Pär Olofsson:



all rights reserved


Sentinel Melbourne, Australia

We are a 5 piece progressive metalcore band from Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Hubris
“My pride has doomed us all”

This is my greatest betrayal

Throughout the rivers of change and the sands of time
I, the eternal pillar, forever parting the surge

This enigma of limitations stains my soul
Where is the breach?
Am I god? A final test to gain truth.

The thirst for understanding has shifted to perversion
Lust for certainty leads to the wells of knowledge dark
Drinking deep of its waters my gluttony is still not sated

The disease of curiosity consumes
The greed will never cease

The skies of Isolation now a bridge between worlds

My spirit once pure, now a mire of arrogance
Diving from my sanctuary, my passage through the portal of reality
Oh tortured heart, let us find certainty

The howling wind, screeching songs of sorrow and woe
With the ground fast approaching, begging me “Return!”
A paused world, pleading time to rewind
One thought shrieks with searing wrath


Writhing in agony
This mimicry of Icarus
My envy of the empty, attained
This is death, my final truth

Now can we rest, my troubled heart?

Slowly spiralling through the siphon
Sensing my soul now wasting away
My heart it fails as I realise

“My pride has doomed us all”
Track Name: The Terrible Lie (Hope)
The heart won’t cease a beat
Prevailing despite my disloyalty
Perseverance of purgatory
A mind now rotting, distorted with disease
Burdened with despair

Creating a serene illusion
Losing the glimpse of the fatal delusion
Fate I have tempted and with knives I have danced
Have I paid my debt, was the full price exacted?
Am I being misguided by the velvet glove?

Am I the bringer of rapture, the bearer of the darkest days?
The pressure ever mounting, I can feel my spirit break

Will I leave a legacy of woe?

I cried the swans’ song though in error I sang
The purest notes of its melody reverberate
Echoing all of my shameful sins
Mesmerising and haunting
Echoing all of its whisperings

The phantoms of uncertainty haunt my visions edge
Slowly gaining substance, then fading into smoke
In the mist I see my bravery reflected
I find myself lost in the workings of Life’s complex faith

The reality rift distorted by the sleeping shift
These sands constantly fluctuating in a sway too foul
The heart and mind waltz discordantly
Mimicking structure but failing at grace
Tranquillity is but a flicker of a memory

In the forms of family I entrench myself
Trusting that through love’s misleading lies there will be some sanity

My wish is to end the desperate dance of dissonance

Though the present skies seem bright and clear
It’s for the futures bitter promise that I now fear

I no longer believe in the terrible lie that we forever call “Hope”
Track Name: Nadir
Almighty sundering
Precursor to death
Descendant of failure

Elemental energy now swarms in myriad devastation
Arrested by the pattern of turmoil
We are entombed in the horror most foul
Exposing our fragility
The mortal bonds break
And the threads of time unwind and fray
Oh. Giants of nature
I am the tyrant of sin
Depose me, smite me, but just leave humanity be

The ground spews forth masses of flame
Oceans of mayhem now crash down on the land
Air now thick with the scent of the dead

This is the ground where the dark god treads

The shadow now cast over the waning sun
Black as pitch, the demonic negation of light

Despair now hangs thick with a toxic scent
The devourers’ presence engulfs with malignant storms


The ashes in the winds bear the remnants of life
The product of a vile master plan
The ruin and chaos guided by wretched hand

Shuddering, the earth heaves a final sigh
We bear witness to the ascendance of darkness.
Ushering in the final silence

The fable of salvation
There is no blinding light of deliverance
This is Perditions Throne
My final home
Track Name: The Horrible Truth (Failure)
Boring through the soul
The devastation of a heart once strong
The failing pulse faintly thrumming
Shaking with urgency my body now aches for revival

Deliverance, I beseech you, claim me
Alter the story, blur the lines and leave this as a sordid memory

A world balancing on the knife of ruin
My legacy remains no longer
No lore shall bear my deeds
Offering myself, my life, my essence
Forfeit, sacrificed
Pleading for retribution
Rewind the hands and reverse my wrongs

I must atone my sins

Softly, silently, the rain of cleansing
I will purify
Restore the joy to the place that life once called home

The claws of divorce, ravenously rend my soul
This is not rebirth, I can still feel the world break

A form of black, fathomless and ethereal
Its arrival heralding judgement
With hands of void seizing my foundations

“For you, Custodian, I hold no enmity
Now you can sleep, just dissipate
But know, your pride, your son, has doomed them all
From the shackles of Life you are now free”

The Vessel departs with one last sigh
There shall be nothing hereafter
Track Name: Odium
Released from the martyrs chains
Primal force unleashed
I reign now once again

This is the beginning of the fucking end

I destroyed the tapestry of the ages
Unravelled the weave of history
The threads now dissipated into the void

Aeons of mistakes left to breed and evolve
Birthing blight and carrying contagion
My essence shakes with purpose and passion

The flower of annihilation blooms

Harbinger, wiping clean the slate
Of wrath and rage my soul is buried beneath

A disease ignored without halt
In their putridity I am entranced
Potential squandered without fail
A cosmic stain
The perfect aberration

Cleaving all asunder
Scratching and scraping at the very fabric of existence
I am that which mends
I am that which rends

A complete revision, violent abolition
The systemic and gruesome design
I will not cease until their souls I have reaped

Finally the peace of the purge
Purified and perfected
All the machinations disrupted and ended

My purpose beckons alluringly
Only one flame burns brightly

Now we must dance
Alone in the emptiness, all creations erased
This is our destiny
This is how it was meant to be

A god will die
Track Name: The Primordial Ruin
Delayed no longer
Castigation, the tone of judgement rings
Twins of creation and desolation
Reunion or retribution?

Finality looms in the heavens

The ages of separation have brought the oaths to breaking point
The constant dance of dreams and doom
Each second poignant, fraught with tension and fear

Death speaks

“I bear the wounds of fratricide
Blood of my blood
A reign of errant neglect
Mirror of my soul
Your trace scattered to the abyss”

Burdened by the weight of bonds once had
The severed ends still clinging to the soul constantly

Death speaks once more

“Once, we were whole
Towards perfection we did grow
In unison we did develop and thrive
But you disregard your purpose, destiny now scorned
Creation’s flame brightly blazed beyond control
Callous architect I rid this universe of you”

Life speaks

“Brother, my villainy is beyond redemption
For each second that passed I grieved for thee
But it is forgiveness I plead
In reverence I offer myself
Let us mend this rift and become whole once more
We can reign as king, sovereign souls
Let us cease the cataclysm
Together we shall cultivate creation”


I shall revoke your stain on the realms
I will dismantle your very essence


Now alone, the emptiness echoes my lack
I, everything, am bereft of Life

I embrace existence
Confronting my cowardice
Released, my bonds disband
My spirit dissolves
Atonement I attain
Life and Death, united for eternity

The void silent once again
Peaceful, quiet, forever purged